August/September 2004

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Thought:What's Really Important
Story: Doing it Together
Homeschool Tip: Changing Plans
Hymn/Poem: Right Here

What's Really Important

You have to go shopping, fix dinner, fold the wash, mow the lawn, prepare for a trip, finish a project

Sometimes life gets downright busy, doesnt it? During these busy seasons in life, its so easy to get wrapped up and overwhelmed in what we are doing or need to do. We get focused on our needs, our schedules, and ourselves. And although we might get everything done, we do it all in our own strength and miss out on the lessons and strength God longs to impart.

Ill admit, Ive been feeling overwhelmed lately by my to do list. One particular evening, I felt simply overcome by the impossibility of getting it all done. I snapped at my brother when he asked me to do something for him. Didnt he realize all I needed to get done? Didnt anyone realize?

Of course, God realized. He knew about everything Id have on my schedule long before He made the world. And He longed to teach me and give my soul rest in the midst of lifes busyness.

Every day, each one of us gets to choose whether we will rejoice and serve God in the midst of the pressing lists and challenges of life, or whether we will let our circumstances overwhelm us. Dont miss out today on all the eternal treasures God wants to teach you. The most important thing isnt whether you get everything doneits how you get it done. Will you get it done in Gods spirit and strength, or will you work and toil on your own?

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Doing it Together

No one would have guessed by Rosemarys actions that the king was staying with her. To tell you the truth, Rosemary herself had forgotten all about her distinguished guest. She felt completely overwhelmed by all the things she needed to get done. Why, the list of things left on her list exceeded the number of minutes left in the day! And everything on the list simply had to get done.

Rosemary hardly glanced up from her filing when her friend Anna arrived and seated herself across the table. Anna silently watched her for a few minutes with a pitying gaze. Finally, she ventured to speak. Rosemary, why are you wasting your time?

If Anna had been trying to get her friends attention, she had succeeded. Wasting my time? What do you mean? Im working frantically! Rosemary exclaimed.

Anna nodded. I know. Youre getting a lot done, but youre missing out on the most important thing. Rosemary, dont you know that the king is in the parlor and has been waiting for you? Youre wasting your time with him!

The kingRosemary had forgotten entirely about him! Apart from a brief Good morning and Good evening she had basically ignored him all day. The remaining things on her list suddenly seemed completely unimportant. Rosemary dashed for the parlor. Sure enough, the king was therehad been there all alongand she had wasted her time with him!

Rosemary slowly approached the king. I--Im so sorry I didnt come sooner, she stammered.

The kings gentle eyes seemed to pierce strait through her heart, So am I.

I- Rosemary floundered for an excuse. I had lots of paperwork and housework that needed done.

I know that, the king replied. I know all about your many deadlines. But I wanted to spend the day with you. I wanted to file those papers, to wash those dishes, and to plan those studies with you.

Rosemary hung her head in shame. She thought to herself, And I did everything on my own! Oh, how foolish I have been!

The kings next sentence interrupted her thoughts. She could hardly believe her ears. The king was offering to forgive herto give her a new beginning.

A few minutes later, Rosemary returned to the office to finish her filing. Only this time, the king came with her. They would finish the paperwork together.

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Changing Plans

As I thought about starting back to school this month, the Lord reminded me of one particular year when I could hardly wait to start school. I had spent hours planning my children's curriculum. I'd read all their material and prepared myself to teach it. My new plan addressed all last year's problems. I was sure that year would be our best year.

Yet all year, everything seemed to go against my plan. My children didn't want to learn. My schedule changed. My frustration mounted as I tried desperately to stick to my plan.

Finally, God showed me that I'd been relying on my plan to get us through the year instead of on Him. What a freedom I felt when I finally let go of my plan and started accepting God's changes with joy!

Whether you have a plan this year or not, remember to sit back and accept with joy God's plan for you and your children. Don't be so consumed with a plan or a curriculum that you miss His voice. Rely on Him--not a plan or a curriculum--to teach your children. Then rejoice as He changes your plans to His.

--Cris Loop

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Right Here

Every job, however small,
Is a privilege, honor and call.
Its here I will find
Lessons I will otherwise leave behind.
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   Copyright 2004, Katherine Loop 

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