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November 2005

"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always." Psalm 105:4


Homeschool Tip


After having nearly everything go wrong that could go wrong (the printer's whole computer system crashed and was shut down for a week), we are happy to report that we are expecting Beyond Numbers back from the printers today or Friday. Which means for those of you who preordered a copy, you should be receiving it within the next week or so.

It is hard to believe it is already the end of November! How time flies! Since December is right around the corner, I wanted to let you all know about two devotionals we offer, Jesus--the Promised One and Jesus--the Greatest Treasure, that you can use to help keep focused on Christ throughout this busy season. I put information on them below for your reference. If you plan on ordering a devotional to use this December, you may want to do so now so that it will arrive in time. Shipping typically takes 2-3 mail days depending on where you are located (we ship from Virginia).

As always, thank you all so much for your prayers. It never ceases to amaze me how God can use anything, even the common frustrations of life, to draw us unto Himself. May we each rejoice in His gracious, loving care this month.

In Him,


Looking for a way to make your family devotional time more consistent and meaningful throughout the holiday season?

Jesus--the Promised One is a unique 24-day family devotional kit for the month of December. This devotional traces God's plan of redemption from the very beginning of time. By Christmas day, families will have discovered to deeper depths the significance of Jesus' birth. While they listen, children make their own little book by adding a sticker/coloring every day (all stickers and a gold pen are included). Easy, meaningful, and enjoyable! $13.99 for devotional and supplies for 1 child; $3.00 for each additional child.

Thought: He Knows

But he knows the way that I take Job 23:10a

God knows. That thought can bring such comfort if we will only let it. Whatever it is that were facing, God knows all about it. He knows our fears. He knows our struggles. He knows the deepest recesses of our hearts. And He loves us perfectly.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear. 1 John 4:18a

God, the all-knowing, all-powerful King, loves us perfectly. He knows exactly what each one of His children need. We dont have to worry or fear. We can walk in trust, knowing that God knows and has permitted each change in our plans and difficulty we face. Remembering that God knows sheds new light on each situation.

Last week, I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about the difficulties I was facing in finishing a project (Beyond Numberssee the above update). It seemed that everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was at the end of myself. Then it finally hit me: God knew. He knew all about this situation. As I once again surrendered to God, I was able to rejoice, knowing that whatever happened, it would be okay. God knew all about it.

There have been other times lately that I have been tempted to worry or wonder about the future or the circumstances around me. Over and over again, God has reminded my heart that He knows and orchestrates everything perfectly. He keeps reminding me to simply surrender to Him and trust Him. I continually need to remember that even during those times when it seems God withholds something or places me in situations other than what I had in mind, I can rest knowing that He is in charge and loves me absolutely perfectly.

Whatever your situation is today, remember that God knows. Completely surrender yourself to His care. Then snuggle up and rest securely in His arms, knowing that, despite how it might look, your Heavenly Father has everything under control.

Story: Whose Servant?

Bartholomews eyes fondly followed his masters every move. How he loved his master! After all, his master had taken hima broke man unable to pay a myriad of debtsand had made him a part of his family. For years, his master had cared for him and provided for his every need. When Bartholomews term of servitude had expired several years ago, Bartholomew had begged to be allowed to stay. Following the custom of his day, he had become a bondservanta servant willingly indentured for life.

Bartholomew, his masters voice instantly brought Bartholomew to attention. Bartholomew, his master continued, I will be leaving everything to your care for a few days. However, Ill be in my office constantly. Come talk with me often.

Bartholomew nodded, both proud and overwhelmed by the responsibility before him. At first, Bartholomew thought of his master constantly and immediately deferred any worry or problem that arose to him.

Soon, however, Bartholomew began to forget his position as servant. He began to try to solve the household problems on his own. As a result, the joy he had hitherto known began to be replaced by a constant irritation at the things and people around him. He was upset with the cook for burning dinner; didnt she know better? He was disgruntled with the store for not having the items he wanted. Didnt they know that he needed those things?

Then, of course, the comments from some of his other servants didnt help. Isaac thought the dinner time should change. Martha thought the living room needed new curtains. Anxious to please everyone and look like the ideal overseer, Bartholomew attempted to fulfill all these requests.

One day, Bartholomew realized that he simply could not continue living like this. He felt completely overwhelmed. He simply had to see his master again.

His master's  face lit up with joy at the sight of Bartholomew. Ah, Bartholomew, Ive been waiting for you.

Bartholomew sank wearily into a nearby chair. Its a mess, Master, he began, unsure even how to begin telling his master of all the household worries.

His master nodded. I know.

Bartholomew looked up in surprise. You do?

Yes, I know all about it. I know each and every detail. Bartholomew, I think you have forgotten something. Is this house yours?

Bartholomew looked up in surprise. Why, no, he finally stammered. Its your house. Why, I dont even own one thing. I gratefully put everything in your hands years ago when I became your bondservant.

The master nodded. Exactly. Now, if you dont own anything, do you have anything to worry about? Cant you trust me to take care of everything? Have I ever failed you yet?

Understanding suddenly flashed through Bartholomews mind. The house, the servants, the thingsthey were all his masters worry! And his master was perfectly capable of taking care of everything. Bartholomew realized that he had been worrying for no reason. But what about the other servants comments? How should he handle them? Master, I still dont understand. Martha says-

Whose servant are you?

The question took Bartholomew by surprise. Why Im your servant, but-

If you are my servant, not Marthas, then you do not need to worry about what Martha says or thinks. She is not your master. Oh, Bartholomew, I love you as my own son. Dont play to others. Dont take the household worries on your own shoulders. Simply bring everything before me and let me handle it all.

Bartholomews face relaxed into a smile for the first time in weeks. He was free againhis master had everything under control.

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

For I am Your servant. Psalm 143:12b

Homeschool Tip: Live What You Teach

--By Cris Loop

"Your actions speak louder than your words" and "Live what you preach"--these are both sayings with which we're all familiar. Did you realize that they apply to homeschooling too? I was reminded recently of how important it is to live what we teach our children. Looking back over the years, I can see that the way I lived often negated the things I was trying to teach my children about God and His kingdom.

For example, I would read with my children about how we needed to seek the Lord above all else. Then ten minutes later in math class, I would be seeking academic progress from my children. I had just sent my children a contradictory signal.

Other times I would have my children memorize scriptures on obeying their parents, oblivious to the areas in my own life where I was not being obedient to my Heavenly Father. How much good do you think my lectures on obedience did when they saw a disobedient heart in me?

Or I would stress to my children the need to minister and share Christ with others. Then, half an hour later, I would turn down a phone call from someone who just needed to talk with me because I didn't want to interrupt my school. I didn't connect the fact that in this particular case I had just contradicted what I had just tired to teach my children. Here I had told them about the importance of ministry, yet a little later had put our school on a higher pedestal than ministering to a person with an immediate need.

Mothers, I would urge you to live what you teach. Your actions really do speak louder than your words. The decisions you make throughout your day are sending your children a message. The only question is, are you sending them the right message?

Hymn/Poem: The Plans He has for Me

God knows the plans He has for me,
He knows what is and is not to be.
And since He knows, I can rest secure,
On Him--the only hope that is for sure.
My times are in His hand,
And every small thing fits His plan.
I can trust Him with every detail,
knowing that He will never fail.
His thoughts are infinitely better than my own,
For Heaven, yea, even the highest Heaven, is His throne.
He loves me perfectly, oh this I know,
So I will surrender to His care and in His way joyfully go.

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