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Christian Perspective

"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always." Psalm 105:4



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Thought: Look Beyond

Priceless opportunitiesówe pass them by every day. A pile of dishes, an impossible-to-accomplish to-do list, and a science lesson on the surface might not seem very priceless. But look beyond what is seen for a moment. Look beyond the stack of dishes at the opportunity to serve the Master and spend time in prayer with Him. Look beyond the to-do list at the opportunity to depend on Godís strength and to surrender to His plans. Look beyond the science textbook at the opportunity to view the Creatorís greatness. When we look beyond, everything in life transforms into an eternal opportunity.

I would encourage you this month to look beyond the circumstances and situations that surround you each day. View each one as an unseen opportunity to fellowship with your Heavenly Father. The things around you, however real and pressing they may seem, will one day pass away, but God and the eternal lessons He longs to teach you through them will never end. May we fix our eyes, not on the temporal, but on the eternal.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

Story: Sandcastles

The weather couldnít have been nicer. The warm sunshine provided just enough warmth to make shorts comfortable, yet the gentle ocean breeze kept the temperature from climbing above 80.

On the beach, one little boy was industriously making the most of the gorgeous day. All morning long heíd been hard at work building a sandcastle. The castle now towered above his little head, but he still kept working. He hardly even paused for lunch, so great was his preoccupation with his work.

After building the basic framework of his castle, he spent hours constructing sand dams and bridges to protect his masterpiece from the ocean's waves. With painstaking care, he decorated his castle with seashells. Using his toy shovel, he carved drawings on the castleís walls.

Mr. Gunther watched his sonís progress with interest. Several times he tried to warn the boy that the ocean would eventually destroy his castle. But the boy, Robby by name, insisted that no ocean would be able to wreck his castle. Mr. Gunther tried to interest his son in playing Frisbee, swimming, or reading, but Robby had no interest in anything but his sandcastle. So Mr. Gunther spent some time trying to talk with Robby while he worked, but this too failed. Robby didnít have any time to talk; couldnít his dad see that see he was busy building a masterpiece? Finally, Mr. Gunther decided to let his son work undisturbed. Although he had taken the day off to spend some special one-on-one time with his son, he would have to be content to watch him from a distance.

Robby kept working hard for hours. Then, much to his consternation, the ocean began to creep up the shoreline, edging closer and closer to his castle. The waves also swelled in size as the afternoon tide started to rise. Soon the waves brushed against his castle walls.

Robby began to panic. He frantically raced to repair the broken dams, not realizing he could never succeed in keeping the ocean back. Tears trickled down his chubby cheeks as he watched his hard work fall apart.

Mr. Gunther put his arms around his son and pulled him close. ďItís okay,Ē he whispered.

ďOh, Daddy, itís gone!Ē Robby sobbed. ďIím sorry, Daddy. Our whole day together is gone. And I hardly spent any time with you. I spent it all on--Ē Robby ended by pointing forlornly to the now-wrecked castle.

Mr. Gunther patted his sonís head reassuringly. ďI know,Ē he whispered. ďCome, letís not waste any more time together.Ē

Robby nodded. Oh, how he regretted investing his day in sandcastles!

Homeschool Tip: The Joy of Learning

--By Cris Loop

As I started learning how to play and read music this month it hit me that we never stop learning. We are designed to learn constantly.

Our children will learn their whole lives long. If we can teach them to enjoy learning now while theyíre young, they will be able to carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

How do we make learning a joyful experience? Learning becomes a joy when we realize that everything relates to God and begin to see Him everywhere. No matter what we are studying, it testifies to the truth of Godís Word. Learning can be an exciting treasure hunt into Godís character, especially when you learn with your child.

Remembering back to when my children were young, I can think of many times when I was so worried about crossing tís and dotting iís academically that I missed the opportunity to teach my children the joy of learning. I neglected to show them God everywhere because I was having a hard time seeing Him in all the academics myself. I would encourage you this month to make your homeschool a fascinating discovery into the riches of our God for you and your child. Teach them more than academics; teach them the joy of learning.

Hymn/Poem: A Little Talk with Jesus

--By WM. G. Fiscner.

Taken from Living Hymns, For use in the Sabbath school, Christian Endeavor Meetings, The Church and Home. Compiled by John Wanamaker, assisted by John R. Sweney, Mus. Doc. Philadelphia: John J. Hood, 1024 Arch St. Copyright, 1890, by John J. Hood. Pg 68

A little talk with Jesus, how it smoothes the rugged road!
How it seems to help me onward, when I faint beneath my load;
When my heart is crushed with sorrow, and my eyes with tears are dim,
There is naught can yield me comfort like a little talk with him.

Ah, this is what Iím wanting, His lovely face to see;
And Iím not afraid to say it, I know heís wanting me.
He gave his life a ransom, to make me all his own,
And heíll neíer forget his promise to me, his purchased one.

I cannot live without him, nor would I if I could.
He is my daily portion, my medicine and food.
He is altogether lovely; none can with him compare;
Chiefest among ten thousand, and fairest of the fair.

So Iíll wait a little longer, till his appointed time,
And along the upward pathway my pilgrim feet shall climb.
There, in my Fatherís dwelling, where many mansions be,
I shall sweetly talk with Jesus, and he will talk with me.

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