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Christian Perspective

"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always." Psalm 105:4

Update: Virginia Homeschool Convention

We will have a booth at the HEAV homeschool convention in Richmond this Thursday--Saturday (June 8-10th). If any of you are planning on attending, please stop by and introduce yourself--we would love to meet you face to face.

We appreciate your prayers for the convention. Please pray that God will use this time to bless everyone in a special way and that He will keep everyone's hearts fastened upon Him.

Thought: Be Still and Listen

"Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him." Psalm 37:7a

It sometimes feels like we're living a lifetime in a week, doesn't it? There's so much to do at times that it's easy to get caught up in the hub-bub and forget to simply be still before our Heavenly Father.

The Lord has been recalling Mary and Martha to mind a lot lately. Like Martha, I'm good at losing myself in all I'm doing. Meanwhile, the Lord patiently waits, hoping that I'll come sit at His feet.

Last week, I spent some time with a precious ninety-three-year old woman. This woman spends most of her day alone in a little home. During the course of our conversation, I asked her what she did each day. She thought for a moment, then said, "Well, I do a lot of praying, and a lot of listening."

A lot of listening…how those words struck me. How many of us can honestly say that we really spend time listening to what God has to say? When we come before Him, is our heart still so that we can hear Him, or is it still whirling with all the busyness of life? Can we really hear His voice over all our plans and efforts to serve Him? We work hard at maintaining relationships with those around us, but are we really maintaining our relationship with the most important One of all?

I know that many of you are probably very busy at the moment. Perhaps you are scrambling to finish school for the year, or maybe you feel like a full time chauffeur between soccer, baseball, or some other activity. But no matter how busy your outward life, I would encourage you to still your heart and simply listen.

Story: One Audience

I wonder whether my father will like this suit I made him, Jane thought to herself as she waited for some of her friends to arrive. Ah, there was Amy! Amy would give her an honest opinion.

Amy surveyed the suit thoughtfully. "It's lovely! But if it were me, I'd probably put another tuck right here, I think," Amy finally declared.

Jane, eager to make the suit perfect, ran upstairs and hastily added the necessary tuck. By the time she made it back down the stairs, her friend Mary had arrived. Mary pronounced the suit "spectacular," except that it could use to be hemmed just an inch or so more. Again, Jane raced upstairs to complete the necessary improvement.

Over and over, Jane repeated this process. It seemed that everyone had a different opinion on how the suit should look. When one friend suggested that she remove the tuck she had labored so industriously to add, Jane raced up to her room, locked the door, and burst into tears. She simply couldn't take it anymore!

Awhile later, Jane heard a soft knock at the door. "Can I come in?" her father's voice asked.

"Please," Jane sobbed.

"You must open the door."

Jane slowly arose and unlocked the door. Her father stood at the threshold, his arms wide open. Jane buried her head on his shoulder, "Oh, Father!" she sobbed.

"I know all about everything," he assured her. "But I want to hear you tell me all about it anyway."

For the next several minutes, Jane poured out her troubled heart to her father. "Oh, my darling daughter, you can't play to what everyone else thinks of you and what you've done."

"I found that out," Jane whispered in shame. "Oh, Father, I should have just asked you what you thought! Then I wouldn't have had to worry about whether everyone else liked or didn't like the suit. Yours was the only opinion that really mattered," Jane exclaimed with sudden illumination. Then another thought occured to her. She hadn't seen her father all day. Since she was used to spending lots of time with him, this struck her as rather odd. "Father, where were you this morning?"

Jane's father smiled strangely. "Do you really want to know?"

Jane nodded.

"Well, I've been waiting for you. All morning long, while you ran up and down the stairs worrying about what others thought, I was waiting in the hallway, trying to get your attention. I think you were too focused on others to notice me, though. Then ever since you locked yourself in your room, I have been standing at the door, quietly knocking, waiting for you to let me in. But you couldn't hear me over your tears."

Jane hung her head in shame. What a fool she had been! Her father had been there all along. He had been waiting for her, but in her preoccupation with what others thought, she had completely missed him.

"Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ." Galatains 1:10

Homeschool Tip: Am I qualified?

--By Cris Loop

I can't count how many times I have wondered if I was qualified to teach my children. I am just an average person without any degree whatsoever. No one in the world would consider me qualified.

Yet God made me and my children and gave my children to me as a gift. With this precious gift came the responsibility to educate them. So in His eyes, I'm perfectly qualified for the task.

Of course, God doesn't expect me to teach my children alone. Over and over the Bible tells us that God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. He wants me to draw on Him for the knowledge and wisdom I need each moment.

The bottom line is that on my own strength, I'm not qualified (and never will be) to teach my children. But leaning on God and relying on His wisdom, I am more than qualified.

This month, be careful that you don't begin thinking that you can educate your children by obtaining worldly knowledge or credentials. They will not make your more qualified to teach your children. Since only God can give you the wisdom you need for the task, make Him your only audience. Instead of playing to the audiences around you (the world's ideas, state, family, etc.), spend time with the one audience that counts-your Heavenly Father.

Hymn/Poem:Leave It to Me

--By Amy Carmichael

Leave it to me, Child, leave it to Me,
Dearer thy garden to me than to thee,
Lift up thy heart, Child, lift up thine eyes,
Naught can defeat Me, naught can surprise.

Leave it to me, Child, leave it to Me,
Trust in the Wall of Fire, look up and see
Stars in their courses shine through the night
Both are alike to me -- darkness and light.

Leave it to me, Child, leave it to me,
Let stop the burden too heavy for thee.
That which I will, My Hand shall perform,
Fair are the lilies that weather the storm.

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