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"Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore." Psalm 105:4

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Win a Free Christmas Devotional

As hard as it is to believe, Christmas is right around the bend! A Bow of Bronze has  reviewed our Christmas devotional--the review will be going live Wednesday, but the blog is currently offering a chance to win a free copy, along with 24 other resources! (Note: The products in the giveaway come from different companies and vary in content and perspective.)

A Habit of Praise:  Thanksgiving E-book--Starts Thursday!

"Just think what a habit you'll be encouraging with twenty-one straight days of thanks!"  Jean Hall, Eclectic Homeschool Online, in a review of the print version.

God We Praise - Starts Thursday!As God's dearly loved children, we have the opportunity to live our life in an attitude of praise, reflecting daily on who God is and what He has done.

The God We Praise is designed to help all ages praise God and reflect on His character. It focuses on a different attribute of God every day from November 8 through Thanksgiving Day. Children make their own little coloring books and have activities each day to do, while parents and young adults can be reminded of God's character too.

We lowered the price on the e-book from $17.99 down to $13.99 to make it more affordable for all--and the price includes the right to print out the coloring book for all your children, year after year.

E-book format - You can order and download the e-book from anywhere in the world, and then print out the copies you need.

Download a sample day here, and learn more about the devotional here.

Note: If a devotional would bless you and you cannot afford it, we would be delighted to give you a copy for whatever you can afford. Just send an e-mail to

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Thought: An Eternal Purpose

"To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord...Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory." Ephesians 3:10-13

Paul was in prison when he wrote the book of Ephesians, yet the book is filled with so much joy and amazement at God's salvation and eternal purpose. Paul could even tell the Ephesians that his tribulations--far from being something to complain about or avoid--was their glory. Wow.

Paul had his eyes, not on what he could see, but on God. He knew God had an eternal purpose that went far beyond anything here and now.

God sees what we cannot. Will we trust Him and choose to rejoice in Him wherever we are--whatever unique trial or "prison" or situation (positive or negative) we face?

Story: A Role to Fill

Jean allowed her mind to romanticize as she pictured herself poised as an elegant princess robed in satin...or as a daring missionary accomplishing great deeds of valor...or as a capable rider taming an uncooperative horse. On the table before her lay a large stack of different movie scripts she had been reading. She fantasized herself acting a role in each one--how wonderfully thrilling it would be to be on some of those sets!

The clatter of a paint bucket brought Jean back to the present. She wasn't on any of those sets. Instead, she was in the same out-of-the-way movie set she'd been in for a long time. She had watched many of her fellow actresses get summoned off this set over the past few years, but no summons had come for her.

"Jean." The voice startled Jean. Was that the director calling?

His smiling face confirmed that she had correctly identified the voice.

Jean returned the smile, "Why, it's so good to see you!"

The director smiled a funny sort of smile. "Is it now? I've been here calling your name for a long time, but you seemed--umm--otherwise occupied."

Jean blushed in shame, hastily trying to gather up her scripts. But the director stayed her hand. "You don't have to try to hide what you were thinking, Jean. I know you're wishing you had a different role. But Jean, you haven't been forgotten. And although you don't see it, the role I have for you here, on this set, is incredibly important. You only see the things around you--the dilapidated set and the few lines in your part of the script--but this set and the role you're playing are a part of something much bigger than you could imagine. This set plays a piece in the large movie I'm directing."

A light came into Jean's eyes as she realized the director saw a big picture she couldn't see and had a purpose for her here. It dawned on her that she hadn't been fulfilling that purpose very well--she'd been wasting most of her time dreaming about other sets!

"I'm sorry, I should have been more faithful..." she whispered.

The director smiled again. "You're forgiven. I knew you would get lost dreaming about other sets. But today is the day to begin filling your role here."

Jean nodded, leaping to her feet and back into the action.

As Jean approached her role with new enthusiasm, she began seeing its importance and finding tremendous joy in what she was doing. Soon, she began to think that her set must be the most important one in the world. Why wasn't everyone here? Couldn't they see the roles that needed filled on this set? In her heart, and even sometimes in her words, she began judging those around her who found their work on other sets.

It took some time before she realized what a mistake she was making. The director had different, though equally important, sets that He was weaving together into a big picture. Her set was important--and the role she had on it was important--but that didn't mean it was the set and role He called everyone to fill. Each role, each set, was beautiful and equally important. She just needed to be faithful to fill the role she had been given right then--and to remain open if the director later called her to a different set and a different role. He saw the big picture, and that was what mattered.

Homeschool Tip: Stuck

- Cris Loop

We are very close to completing a master bathroom remodeling project that was supposed to be completed in April. What was contracted for three weeks has taken seven-and-a-half months. It has been a long,  trying road, with many opportunities for extending and receiving grace, forgiveness, and patience.

Why did this project take so long? I have asked the Lord that question so many times I feel like a three year old! Turns out there were quite a few reasons, but the one that I want to share with you is about being focused on the problem. For a long time, we got focused on one part of the project that was causing trouble. As long as we stayed looking at that problem and the many unsuccessful fixes, we couldn't move forward with the rest of the bathroom. It paralyzed everyone involved.

I can remember this tactic of Satan getting in the way of homeschooling too. It's easy to get sidetracked and stuck. Learning glitches, comparing progress, life's challenges, church commitments-- I have found that when I make anything other then pleasing the Lord a priority in life, I can easily be sidetracked or get stuck. Focusing on a problem can be discouraging and can lead us down a disheartening path.

If you're feeling stuck in an area, remember to step back and look at the big picture. Lift your eyes to the Lord and focus on Him rather than on the problem. If you're stuck on a school concept, consider letting it rest for a bit. Or, if you work on it still, don't focus on the struggle--remember instead the big picture: God is working all things together for good to them that love Him.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Hymn/Poem: Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right

- Catherine Winkworth, 1858. From Samuel Rodigast, 1676. Taken from Roundell Palmer, ed., The Book of Praise: From the Best English Hymn Writers (Boston and Cambridge: Sever, Francis, and Co., 1870),  424,425. Found on (Special thanks to Sandra for sharing the hymn with us.)

Whate'er my God ordains is right!
His will is ever just;
Howe'er He orders now my cause,
I will be still and trust.
He is my God;
Though dark my road,
He holds me that I shall not fall;
  Wherefore to Him I leave it all.

Whate'er my God ordains is right;
He never will deceive;
He leads me by the proper path,
And so to Him I cleave,
And take content
What He hath sent;
His hand can turn my griefs away,
And patiently I wait His day.

Whate'er my God ordains is right;
Here will I take my stand,
Though sorrow, need or death make earth
For me a desert land.
My Father's care
Is Round me there;
He holds me that I shall not fall,
And   so to Him I leave it all.

View the other verses and listen to the  tune on

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